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Wrapping Ideas using Fabric Wrapping Furoshiki

When you wrap circular item, or bottles, you find it is quite difficult wrapping the, by paper. Also when you wrap large items, it seems so difficult to wrap it, so you end up just adding ribbons and finish wrapping a gift.

Furoshiki is a piece of fabric for wrapping any items. It is fabric so I found it is best to wrap circular items such as bottles and balls.

The good thing is that because it is fabric, you do not worry about folded wrong, or ripping the wrapping paper.

For example, when you go to your friend's home party and want to bring in some bottles of wines, how you bring them? Many people just hold the naked bottles and hand them in. However, using Furoshiki, you can protect the bottles and present the, nicely as well.

You can also use this wrapping cloth afterwords, such as as a table cloth or backpack bag.

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