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Things to Do in Waikiki: Activities for Adults & Kids

Workshop Comming Soon but you can still shop FUROSHIKI at Muumuu Rainbow

Make your own design Hawaiian shirts & Sarong with our Hawaiian traditional blocks.

Our blocks are based on traditional Kapa printing, and Hawaii designs.

Enjoy and learn Hawaiian culture by block printing workshop. Great activities for family and couples to make your own memorable suvenirs.

things to do in Waikiki workshop

What is Block Printing?

Hawaii't Traditional Printing

Kapa, or Tapa fabrics are very popular printing design in Hawaii. How it was developed was from Kapa printing method. Enjoy and learn about Hawaii's old printing method!

Things to Do in Waikiki

Made in Hawaii Products by YOU!

Since you are in Hawaii, don't you want to get unique things in Hawaii, including "Made in Hawaii" products? It is harder to find Made in Hawaii products, but you can make your own "Made in Hawaii" products and sunevir for loved one.

Block Printing Scarf

No Water Activities.

Fun for Couple, Kids, & Family

Water activities are very popular in Hawaii, but you may be tired out doing all that all week. You can relax and do some creative activities in Waikiki. No mess, No hussle, and in short time.

Many Items to Choose from

Sarong (Pareo), Furoshiki, Aloha Shirts, etc.

You can choose variety of items to do block printing.

Choose from beautiful colors of pareos, scarves, shirts, etc.


Visit Muumuu Mall

Muumuu Mall will be 2nd floor of Waikiki Shopping Plaza.
(Open mid June, 2024)

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