Furoshiki Hawaii

Furoshiki in Hawaii? What is Furoshiki? 

Furoshiki is a gift wrapping cloth.

Bringing the eco-friendly and smart furoshiki concept from Japan. We make Hawaiian print Furoshiki, with beautiful Hawaiian prints, for everybody to use.


Why Furoshiki in Hawaii?

Hawaii has the image of colorful flowers, tropicals, and resorts. Hawaiian fabrics have many patterns with such Hawaiian flowers and scenery as motifs.

Hawaiian fabrics that make you feel so happy are mainly used for Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian dresses, and interiors, but I hope that more people will enjoy them more easily and easily. Furoshiki Hawaii started in 2021, when the state of Hawaii has not yet returned in Corona.

Why is it a furoshiki from a rental dress shop? Click here for a story about what happened in Hawaii.


Furoshiki Hawaii Sustainability.
​ Let's work together.

At Furoshiki Hawaii , we would like to work on what we can do now with the motto of familiar efforts and starting from what we can do.

By using a furoshiki, I would like to reduce the amount of waste and reduce the use of plastic bags.

Therefore, we set a goal that everyone can work on.

Every time 100 furoshiki are sold, I would like to aim to carry out beach cleaning on the beach in Hawaii.

When 1000 copies were sold, we also set a goal to recruit more people to work on beach cleaning.

I would like to work with you to reach that goal as soon as possible.

​ You can also check the owner's beach cleaning efforts on the blog.


Furoshiki Hawaii store location

2770 Kalakaua Ave. #1105 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815.

Please check our business hours before you come in. You can always call or email us.

Secondary location is in Moilili. 2065 S. King Street. #303 Tuesday-Saturday 9am-4pm at Princess Kaiulani Fashions. There is a parking and some items are sold in there.


If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below or email.

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