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About Designer

Gift Wrapping from Hawaii Story


A brief background of the designer

Outstanding Quality

Born in Ibaraki, Japan, she lived in Saitama until high school, moved to Europe from the second year of high school, and started living abroad.

After graduating from college in the United States, he worked as a designer for four years in Boston, Massachusetts.

After that, he learned apparel technology in Boston, Sydney, and Japan from a strong desire for fashion, and in 2007, he met and married an American partner from New York. Moved to Hawaii in 2013 and started rental dress business in Hawaii.


In Japan, he learned not only design but also pattern making and sewing, and learned delicate techniques unique to Japan.

In Hawaii, I started by designing clothes, making patterns, and sewing by myself.


Going forward, our goal is to continue to propose unique Hawaiian fashions that are unique to Hawaii, contribute to preserving Hawaiian traditional culture, and carry out activities that energize the fashion industry in this region.


Transition and Challenges

Only the Best

In the Hawaii business, we pioneered and developed a new field of costume rental for attendees, and in the seven years since our founding, we have grown to a business with sales of 120 million, but in March 2020 the business was suspended due to the influence of the new corona. To the state. Sales in that year decreased by 98% from the previous year, and the Waikiki store could not be canceled, so we had to continue.

Although it managed to survive through the sale of Hawaiian fabrics, vaccines have progressed in the United States, and sales of fabrics have been on a downward trend. As of June 2021, tourists from Japan are still uncertain and decided to take on further challenges. Right now, I'm trying again.


Future Outlook

Truly Top-Notch

Nowadays, the number of people who buy clothes is decreasing, and I would like to deliver products that make you feel close to Hawaii even from something small, so feel free to use Hawaiian fabrics for furoshiki. We are developing products that you can wear.
In addition, we are also working on the "entrepreneur support business" to help creators who are starting independence locally by making use of the experience of manufacturing and the experience gained by starting a business and running a business. It's inside.
I would like to become a bridge between Japan and Hawaii and build a bright future.

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