Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer questions such as how to purchase from maintenance.

Questions about furoshiki

[Care] do can we How does wrapping cloth of care?


The Hawaiian fabric has a nice pattern, so it is recommended to wash it with bleach-free potential to prolong the color. You can iron it after it has dried, but it is recommended that you iron it when it is semi-dry or wet and dry it in natural light. The color will last longer if you avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.


Shopping questions

Shipping] but I think that there is a high shipping to Japan?


Shipping from Hawaii is expensive and it is said that the US post office is the cheapest.

However, since mail from Hawaii is sent to the continental United States and then delivered to Japan, it takes time and is often lost or damaged.

Therefore, we use the services of Sagawa Express or Kuroneko Yamato, which are familiar in Japan. The price is cheaper than the US Post Office, and you can use the parcel tracking service in the same way as in Japan.

Due to the frequent loss of deliveries within the continental United States, we are taking measures in this way. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping] Will no way to cheaper shipping?


It is calculated based on the weight of the package, but the lighter it is, the higher the shipping fee will be. Therefore, if you buy it together with your friends and acquaintances and pay the shipping fee separately, you can use it at a discount.

Shipping Since go to Hawaii or can not pick up at that time?


If you pay for the product, we will reserve it at our shop.

In that case, the shipping fee will be refunded.

If you would like it delivered to your hotel, we will charge $ 10.

In that case, please let us know the full name, hotel name and check-in date of the hotel reservation person. Some hotels may not be able to deliver, so we will contact you in that case.

Shipping] or postage to Japan will be how much?


Although the shipping fee from Hawaii is expensive, we use a safe and cheap Japanese shipping company.

Since it is a direct flight from Hawaii, it can be delivered in about 5 days at the earliest.


If it exceeds 0 grams, it will be a flat rate of $ 21.5, and it will be charged every 500 grams.

The smallest furoshiki is about 12 grams in XS (minimal size)

S (small) about 300 grams

M (medium) about 1000 grams

L (large) about 1200 grams

is. It may vary depending on the product and material.

For those who purchase 4.5Kg or more, we will refund if there is a difference after calculating the shipping fee.

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Questions about special orders


[Mass production] Can you do wholesale or mass production?


Okay. We accept.

We wholesale 100 or more at 60% of the list price. Shipping and customs duties are required separately.

However, ● Purchase in bulk ● Full prepayment is required.

[Special order] of Hawaii wedding gift or small gift, or, Can you make the original wrapping cloth of your own?


Okay. We accept.

We accept even one piece.

The price will change depending on the number of sheets, but in the case of one sheet, a single cut fee of $ 15 is available.

Any product is possible as long as the fabric is in stock. It can be used as a souvenir for company training and as a gift for memories of attending the Hawaii wedding ceremony. You can also add your own logo, message, etc., so please feel free to contact us.

[Special order] Can you make a wrapping cloth of your own original design?


Okay. We accept.

We accept design customization such as embroidery and frills.

Customization starts from 20 sheets or more, and the amount of embroidery varies depending on the size, but we can accept at least $ 15 per sheet.

If there is no problem with the fee, we can accept even one piece.

[Special order] the original How can I would like to buy only the fabric?


Okay. Fabrics for sale Fabrics are sold in Hawaii, but if you can't find any special fabrics, please contact us directly. It is not always in stock and requires the permission of the designer.

The price is about $ 8.5 to 25 per yard, and the price varies depending on the rarity.

[Special order] I would like to use as napkins in the restaurant, can I make?


Okay. Furoshiki can be used freely, so you can use it as a napkin.

We also accept consultations on restaurant specifications, tagging, size consultation, and original prints, so please feel free to contact us. Depending on the quantity and location, we can make an original napkin, rent it, and even clean it, taking advantage of the strength of dress rental.