Our Commitments 

Feel Hawaii Anywhere with & for Anyone

Commitment 1

Environmental Considerations.

Do better for our environments.

Commitment 2

Share, Pass and Expand Culture.

Commitment 3

Products Bring Anyone Can Feel Hawaii

Be More Environmentally Conscious. 
Products that anyone can use at any time

Have you ever felt that wrapping paper was wasted when giving souvenirs or gifts? I wondered why I had to buy it when it was torn down anyway. .. ..

Under the influence of the new Corona in 2020, I am convinced that I would like to develop my business by focusing more on the environment and people. It's a product that makes people who can't come to Hawaii feel free to get to know Hawaii, and because Hawaiian fabrics are too flashy to wear everyday, everyday goods are something that anyone can use at any time. I was inspired by the old-fashioned furoshiki.

The furoshiki itself is already gaining recognition in Europe as an eco-friendly daily necessities, but I hope that the Hawaiian furoshiki will lead to a further increase in environmental awareness and will be an opportunity for people to become aware of the culture of Hawaii.

In Furoshiki Hawaii, the goal is to carry out beach cleaning every time 100 pieces of furoshiki are sold, and to recruit more volunteers for every 1000 pieces of furoshiki sold.

We hope that everyone will work together to create a more comfortable environment with the cooperation and participation to the extent that they can enjoy themselves comfortably.

furoshiki-wrap-02 - コピー.jpg

Sizing Our Furoshiki with Environmentally Conscious Way.

Did you know that while many clothes are made in Hawaii, a large amount of fabric waste is actually produced? Since Hawaii is an island, there is a problem that it is very difficult to dispose of garbage.

Because the environmental awareness has increased through the corona, we want to give the utmost respect to the fabrics used and the production side , so we cut and decided the size so that the waste of the fabrics is minimized.

Since the fabric is used so that there is almost no part to throw away, there are some differences in each size, but it is because it is cut based on the width of the fabric.

Still, so ease of use is good, we offer four sizes of large, medium and small and minimum.

Be Creative, How to Use Furoshiki

Gift wrapping is almost always to be thrown away.
Furoshiki can be used not only for packaging, but also for leisure sheets, nursing caps, tablecloths, bags, etc. (reuse).
The small size of the furoshiki can be used not only for wrapping lunch boxes, but also for table napkins, handkerchiefs, hair bands, and other fun uses.

The usage changes depending on the size.


Also, the culture of "furoshiki" is one of the cultures that Japan can be proud of. It is packed with Japanese culture such as wrapping beauty, origami-like art, and hospitality and consideration for the recipient. And Hawaii and Japan are deeply connected cultures. Even Aloha shirts are part of the culture of Japanese immigrants making shirts in kimono. In Hawaii, many Japanese and English words such as rice balls → Musubi mochi → Mochi are used on a daily basis. You can expand Japanese culture while enjoying various ways of using it.


A limited Quantity of Hawaiian Fabric

Did you know that Hawaiian fabrics are limited in quantity? There are almost no patterns in Hawaiian fabrics that last forever. The pattern is updated every season, so you can always enjoy new patterns, but the existing fabrics are rarely available next year, and Hawaiian fabrics are rarely reprinted.

Therefore, it is also the real pleasure of Hawaiian fabric that the fabric you just bought can become vintage after a few years.

At our shop, we make a limited number of furoshiki. The same thing cannot be made if the existing stock runs out.

It is a Hawaiian fabric that is mainly consumed as an aloha shirt or Hawaiian dress, but by using the same fabric as a furoshiki, it will be used by more people regardless of gender , and it will be enjoyed for a longer time. I hope you can.

Special Hawaiian Printed Fabrics, Using the Same Method as High-end Hawaiian Clothing Brands

In the future, we plan to develop products that incorporate the skills of local craftsmen.
Many local Hawaiian artists were also wondering how to disseminate their work under the influence of the new Corona.
We are planning to sell a furoshiki with a fabric design in collaboration with a local artist.
We are also preparing a furoshiki using silk screen print fabric, which is the same manufacturing method as that used for high-end Hawaiian shirts such as Sig Zane.
The patterned screen uses vintage patterns from Hawaiian fashion brands such as Liberty House and Princess Kaiulani Fashion, and is used as a furoshiki.

2014-11-08 12.19.15.jpg

3 R's

Japanese culture where "mottainai" is spreading all over the world. The bath room is also part of that "mottainai" culture. In addition to expanding to activities to minimize waste, we will also consider SDG's efforts.

Let's Extend these together.