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Special Order &Wholesale Furoshiki

Our strength is to be able to cut and sew in Hawaii. Whole process will be done in here. So it is fast and small minimum required quantity.

It is great choice for small business owners, restaurant owners, and gifts for your employees. Please inquire for more details about special orders and wholesale. If you want to just purchase our products and resale? or you can to create your own? or you want to use it for your promotional purpose? We cover them all.



In-house planning, sewing

Furoshiki Hawaii is operated by Hawaiians at all sewing factories in Hawaii.

Even those who want to be genuinely made in Hawaii can meet your needs.

In addition, we can also produce original fabrics at our shop because of our strength in selling fabrics.

We will respond to customer requests by utilizing the experience of dressmakers, such as whether you want to make original fabrics or customize with embroidery.


Size customization

You can freely decide the size of the furoshiki.

It can be used not only as a furoshiki but also as a handkerchief, napkin, or tablecloth, so you can make it in your desired size.



Design customization

We also respond to requests for lace and frills like Hawaiian dresses.


Order special fabrics

Taking advantage of our experience as a Hawaiian dress maker, we have connections with various types of fabrics that can be made in Hawaii. We can also respond to requests such as wanting a full-fledged Kapa or making it with a fabric using natural dyeing. Depending on your request, we can offer fabric fabrications in Hawaii , Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India or any other place.


Through our experience of making our own dresses in Hawaii, we can offer a lot of services and methods to fit your needs. The pricing will be different by method, production places. For your budget, or time, we can offer best suitable ways to strengthen your business. Please send us any concerns and what you are looking for, or even problems that you have. We are here to help your business.

Wholesale Furoshiki

We have 2 main ways to do wholesale. Because we are not just reseller, but also manufacturer, we offer 2 options.


OPTION1: Place an order and we will make it for you.

Wholesale Price without labels and packaging:

If you want to use Furoshiki as a part of your promotional materials, this is great way to do that. If your clients are happy and want to purchase the products, you can start developing your original print gift wrapping fabrics. We can help making your own fabrics as well as productions. 

This options let you try our products of Furoshiki concept. If you want to add your own labels, we can do that later. 

Please remember that adding your own labeling required more minimum quantity. We try to give you a chance to test market and support your success. Our minimum order quantity can be very flexible as well. However, first, try Hawaiian prints or Furoshiki concepts and let's see how your clients feel. We offer this options to let you try Furoshiki concepts with relatively small investments. That is why we eliminated our labeling and packaging, etc. to minimize your cost. You can also do packaging by yourself to customize your own products or test market the concept of Furoshiki.

OPTION2: Purchase from our stocks.

Wholesale Price with labels and packaging:

If you want to try out Furoshiki and want to check if you can sell well in your store, this will be a great option to try out. You can purchase several different kinds of our products and see what kind of prints will make your clients happy. If you end up knowing it is best to create your own original Furoshiki, we can help doing that for you as well. This is great way to do test market in your shop.

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