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What kind of fabric is Hawaii's special fabric?

Many people think of Hawaii as an aloha shirt. By the way, when it comes to Hawaiian shirts, the fabric and pattern are the most distinctive features.

There are several famous Hawaiian shirt makers, but do you know what kind of fabrics they use? Tommy Bahama is a major company across the United States, so there are high-end materials such as silk cotton, but it's a shirt that's not made in Hawaii.

So what kind of fabric do you use when it comes to made-in-Hawaii shirts?

The main materials are 100% cotton and poly-cotton, which are less likely to wrinkle, and polyester and rayon, but most of these fabrics are produced outside the United States. Most of the fabrics are imported from Asia, the design of the pattern is Hawaii, and the patterns and weaves of the fabrics are produced overseas.

Most Hawaiian shirt makers use these fabrics, but shirt makers that make small quantities of the famous luxury shirts Sigzen and some local books do pattern dyeing in Hawaii. As a result, the price of the fabric is high, but I use silk screen that is dyed by hand for many years.

Hawaiian craftsmen carefully dye each piece to make the fabric. Because it is dyed by hand, it becomes high-class, and the price per yard is over $ 20, and it is not a fabric that can be purchased anywhere.

At Sigzen, which uses these fabrics as Hawaiian shirts, one piece is lightly sold at a price of $ 150 or more.

Can't you enjoy anything other than an aloha shirt? I think some people think that.

Frosiki Hawaii uses these special fabrics and sells them as furoshiki, so anyone can feel free to enjoy such special fabrics.

It's a fabric that is usually only sold by shirt makers, so it's nice to be able to enjoy it with just a small fabric like this.

Please feel free to enjoy the fabrics of your favorite brand.

For those who are hula, we also use a special fabric of a dressmaker called Princess Kaiulani, which is famous for furoshiki.

You can see the original fabric furoshiki here.

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