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Wrapping idea using Hawaiian Furoshiki

The wrapping idea is a problem when sending gifts. In Japan, they often wrap it neatly in stores, but in the United States, they often wrap it by themselves, such as Christmas, and stick to wrapping ideas and wrapping paper.

This wrapping paper is surprisingly expensive for many people, isn't it?

I think that some Japanese people open the wrapping paper cleanly and reuse it. However, if you are an American, there is a good chance that you will break it. I think that you may be disappointed that you paid a lot of money to buy wrapping paper.

That's where the reusable furoshiki comes in. In Japan, it may be used as a temporary wrapping until it is handed over like a paper bag, but if it is a Hawaiian furoshiki, it is a nice idea to hand it over as it is.

The person who received it does not have to break it, and no garbage is generated. It is a very convenient furoshiki with a variety of ways to reuse it.

If you want to wrap small things such as jam, we recommend a small furoshiki.

Even if you don't think so hard, you can make cute wrapping if you pay attention to how to tie it.

Also, unlike wrapping paper, even if it gets crumpled due to creases, you can wrap it cleanly again by ironing it.

I think there are many people who have had the experience of wasting paper because packaging did not go well at one time. I'm not very good at it, and I often waste wrapping paper, so it's safe to use a furoshiki.

Many people think of a special way of wrapping a furoshiki, but I don't really care about it. Of course, wrapping without tape is an aesthetic in Japanese wrapping paper, but it does not mean that you should not use tape because it is a cloth in a furoshiki.

Therefore, it is easy to wrap the box like ordinary paper.

You don't have to use tape as shown in the picture, but if you iron it and snap it, it will definitely look beautiful! is.

Japanese furoshiki is spreading all over the world as FUROSHIKI. Since it's a furoshiki, it doesn't mean that it doesn't look like a Japanese pattern, so Hawaiian-patterned items and modern-patterned bath sh-ki are becoming very popular nowadays.

Especially in Europe, there is a high awareness of environmental conservation, so it is also known as WRAPPING FABRIC, including the word FUROSHIKI.

In Japan, the charge for plastic bags has finally begun, and the environmental conservation movement has begun little by little. I think the first step is for each person to be familiar and easy to work on.

The Hawaiian Furoshiki can also be used as a handkerchief, so please give it a try.

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