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March 2020 Impact of Corona in Hawaii

March 2020 was an unforgettable day. Although rumors have been circulating about Corona since around December 2019, tourists from Japan are coming in almost the same as the previous year, and the influence of Hawaii is still slow.

People from the continental United States sometimes looked at Asians, including Japanese, with discriminatory eyes, but no one was so worried because the number of infected people in Hawaii was still small. It was February.

However, suddenly in March, an announcement called lockdown was made, and from March 18th, the essential business had to close the store forcibly.

Of course, rental costumes are not an essential business, so we have to tighten them.

At this time, I felt very complicated because I was worried about the shops that were open.

Since we are in business, we naturally have to pay rent, so it is the manager who wants to increase sales. However, I was worried about whether it would be okay to open my mind to the safety of employees, and even if I forcibly opened it, I would be fined if I found it. Looking at it, I realized that there are various types.

Nowadays, I think both are correct rather than either.

By the way, at Muumuu Rainbow, which rents costumes for wedding attendees,

It was a very busy week with how to respond to lockdowns and how to respond to employees in response to the successive notifications of reservation cancellations.

It was a day when every day changed rapidly because the US government provided support such as PPP, so I was busy preparing for it and checking the confirmation of the contents.

There were days I had never experienced before, such as banning what I could do today the next day.

By the way, how will Muumuu Rainbow steer after that?

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