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Kukui Leaf Print Vintage (S) | Navy

Kukui Leaf Print Vintage (S) | Navy


The navy calm fabric is a very popular pattern for dresses and shirts. Kukui is the fruit that made candles, so it has the meaning of giving light and giving light, making it an auspicious pattern. Since it is dark blue, it can also be used for ceremonial occasions.

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This furoshiki is a furoshiki cloth made from Hawaiian fabric with a vintage pattern of Princess Kaiulani fashion, which is now undergoing a rare printing process in Hawaii. We use the same technique as Sigzen, which is known for its high-end Hawaiian shirts. The tag is also leather-like and has a luxurious feel, and contains the brand logo.

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You can easily enjoy high-class fabrics with a small cloth.

It's also the perfect size for a fabric board.

  • Material

    Material:Cotton65% Polyester35% 

    Cut & Sewn:Hawaii, USA

  • Size

    21インチx21インチ / 


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