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Reusable Gift Wrapping Fabric Specialty Store

Gift Wrapping Cloth | Stop Wasting Wrapping Paper 
from Hawaii

* Furoshiki large size is used.


What is Furoshiki?
Reusable Gift Wrapping Fabric from Hawaii.

Furoshiki is a reusable gift wrapping cloth and can be used for not just wrapping but also bags, table cloth, bandanna, table napkins, and many more .The versatility and reusing concepts are for sustainable idea.

We make Furoshiki using beautiful and colorful fun print Hawaiian fabrics and enjoy Hawaiian prints in many ways!

It is great for gift by itself.

Souvenirs for returning to Japan from Hawaii and Hawaii items that can be easily and easily incorporated in Japan.

Great for souvenir from Hawaii or as a gift for those who like Hawaii.

The word "Furoshiki" came from Japan. It is a piece of simple square fabrics and use it for gift wrapping, and many more.

We Ship All Over the World. Enjoy Shopping from Anywhere!
You can purchase our Furoshiki & Dog's Shirts from Muumuu Mall.

You can also visit our store in Waikiki.
You can shop at Muumuu Rainbow.

Use Furoshiki in Many Different Ways!

For Interior​

Colorful Hawaiian pattern can be easily enjoyed as a fabric board as an interior accent art piece.

As a handkerchief that is easy to use for both men and women as a gift or for yourself

​ An item that makes you feel Hawaii.

 Bandanna & handkerchief

​ tablecloth
​& Napkins

Incorporate a Hawaiian pattern into your usual dining room and you'll instantly get a bright Hawaiian image.

​ It's fun to change depending on the meal.

​For furniture protection

As a rug on a sofa.

​ When a pet or child sits down, it can be quickly opened indoors or outdoors.


Enjoy Hawaiian Prints in Many Different Ways.

We made Furoshiki using colorful Hawaiian print fabrics. Both men and women can use in many different ways.

Substitute wasteful wrapping paper with this reusable wrapping cloth can show courage and give extra gifts to your gifting occasion.

FUROSHIKI is the concept came from Japan.

Hawaiian Prints from Hawaiian culture.

dog hawaiian shirts blue (6).JPG

Dog's Hawaiian Shirts

Enjoy Hawaiian fashion with your loving pets.

Aloha shirts for dogs and cats are sewn in-house using Hawaiian fabrics.

​All of them are made in Hawaii, the home country of Aloha shirts. Enjoy matching fashion with your pets, too by using Furoshiki as a bandanna.


How We Started?

A Japanese woman moved to Hawaii and started Hawaiian dress rental business in 2013.

In 2019, when COVID hits her business, she started different things, such as selling Hawaiian fabrics, and making more Hawaiian dresses for sale. Through those business, she wanted to expand Hawaiian spirits and culture more than just clothing.


Hawaiian shirts are very popular but not many women wear Hawaiian shirts. Even local women do not wear Hawaiian dresses so much. Also COVID time made difficult to sell clothing.

So, she started this Furoshiki to make more people accessible to Hawaiian items easily, at the same time, getting more opportunity to enjoy a little more sustainable act easily. 

Furoshiki arrangements

INSTAGRAM: @furoshikihawaii

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Furoshiki Hawaii (Inside Muumuu Mall)

Business hours: Mon.-Sun. 11:00-16:30 (Open Everyday)


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