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Tribal Pattern Series, 4 Size Furoshiki Set

Tribal Pattern Series, 4 Size Furoshiki Set

$52.00 通常価格
g like the one shown here or different colors.)  

The tapa pattern has a slightly strong masculine image and is very popular as a local male Hawaiian shirt. , Some women use it or use it for interior decoration. Even if you have a pattern that tends to smoke a little, you can feel free to try it if it is a furoshiki.

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The photo is a sample, and it will be a fun set to see what kind of pattern is actually included.

If it is sold out, we will replace it with an appropriate one that suits your theme.

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We have set the price at a reasonable price because we will leave it to you for 4 sheets.

XS $ 6.5

S $ 8.5

M $ 12

L $ 25

Total: $ 52 → $ 46.80

It's only $ 11.7 per sheet.

If you don't like the pattern, you can give it to your friends.

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If you really want this size and this pattern to be included, please fill in the memo field. We will do our best to meet your request, but please note that we cannot make any promises.

In addition, since not all items are listed on the net, we may sell items that are not listed separately in this set. You can enjoy including it.

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Recommended for those who do not know which size is easy to use, or those who have tried Hawaiian fabric but do not know which one is better or can not choose. is.

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Cotton and polycotton will be selected here.